Our Solution

A sustainable alternative

With a desire to accelerate construction 4.0 while having a sustainable vision, Batiprint3D takes into consideration the impact of its constructions by turning to recycled and sometimes biosourced materials such as excavated earth that it uses during construction sites.

An agile technique

Its poly-articulated robots, several meters wide and high, make it possible to build habitats in places that are difficult to access by traditional machines and thus reduce the hardship of work for workers.

Versatile constructions

The innovative solution also meets emergency construction needs with the possibility of erecting walls with integrated thermal insulation in just a few days.

About us

Our team
Experts of civil engineering, robotics and materials involved in construction innovation

Batiprint3DTM develops innovative solutions in order to transform the construction industry.
Batiprint3DTM wants to accelerate 4.0 construction and to offer the first solution of housing design, building and renovation using robotics and 3D printing. This ambition is driven by an eco-friendly approach and  the will to reduce painful working conditions, to improve the quality of execution and to decrease the environmental costs. Batiprint3DTM technology enables multi materials and large scale walls 3D printing. It is a disruptive innovation for building and thermal refurbishment, certified by European construction standards.


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