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Experts of civil engineering, robotics and materials involved in construction innovation

Batiprint3DTM develops innovative solutions in order to transform the construction industry.
Batiprint3DTM wants to accelerate 4.0 construction and to offer the first solution of housing design, building and renovation using robotics and 3D printing. This ambition is driven by an eco-friendly approach and  the will to reduce painful working conditions, to improve the quality of execution and to decrease the environmental costs. Batiprint3DTM technology enables multi materials and large scale walls 3D printing. It is a disruptive innovation for building and thermal refurbishment, certified by European construction standards.

Benoit Furet

Co-Founder / Innovation manager

Process and Machine expert

Philippe Poullain


Materials and Civil Engineering Expert

Fanny Buyens


Hedy Zouaoui

Co-Founder / CEO
Construction Industry and Entrepreneurship Expert

Sébastien Garnier

Robotics Expert

Our values

Our vision

A more respectful world in which innovation associates worker well being and eco-friendly house building

Our ambition

Boost the digitalization of the construction industry with a sustainable vision as it was for the manufacturing industry

Our actions

To develop robotized industrial solutions for the construction industry
Guide our clients from the design to the fulfiment of innovative projects


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14 rue René Fonck
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